Frequently Asked Questions


Why is Man Repeller launching fashion accessories?

At Man Repeller, we love nothing so much as a meaningful sentence. One that takes you by surprise or stops you short and opens your heart as if to say, “I have never been so understood.” We also believe that a meaningful sentence can take on various, ambitious forms. Our favorite of these forms is the unflinching sentence of your style. The words of this sentence are reliable in that they never change, but punctuation manipulations — the difference between a period and a question mark, the debate over an Oxford comma — allow for them to evolve as you do, never taking for granted the framework of who you are but allowing enough flexibility to explore how that could change. To celebrate how that could change, never forgetting that you’re great as you are.

So...you say fashion accessories, we say You+.

How long is everything going to be available for?

Summer ‘19 will be launching June 4, 2019 and there will be new releases throughout the summer so get ‘em while they're hot!

When’s the next product drop coming?

Do you know how much it means to us that you even asked that? For now, we're concentrating on the Repeller summer collection but please sign up for our newsletter and stay tuned for more details to find out what we’re cooking up next.

Where can I find all the latest info on Man Repeller, like release dates, pre-sales, promotions, etc.?

Gr8 Q: All news and information regarding Man Repeller will be announced through our mailing list. Sign up for updates here and follow @manrepeller on Instagram.

Is gift wrapping available?

Not the traditional kind, but all our packages come wrapped with love — so if you're buying something for a friend and wonder if you can ship it directly to them while ensuring it "looks" like a gift, the answer (though a little biased) is a definitive yes.

What I want is sold out! Are you going to restock?

You know that song “One Night Only” from Dreamgirls? This is kind of like that, only the night in question actually lasts for much longer, but when things sell out, they’re gone. For now. He he. He. (He.)

Orders and Shipping

What's the status of my order?

Once your order is on its way, youll receive a shipping notification via email. If you're having trouble tracking your order, email us at customerservice@manrepeller.com. (If you need something to do while waiting, I suggest browsing the collection on Instagram.

What if I want to change or cancel my order?

Sad, but been there and totally get it. Contact customerservice@manrepeller.com, and well do our best to accommodate.

Where else can I buy Man Repeller products?

Right now we are just selling directly through our website.

How much is shipping?

For U.S. customers, shipping is $$$free$$$ on all orders over $50. We also offer free returns within the U.S. only. For international customers, we offer $15.00 flat rate shipping to the following countries: Canada, Mexico, Australia, and Europe. International customers are responsible for duties and taxes.

What carrier do you use?

USPS Priority Mail for domestic orders and DHL for international orders.

How long will it take to receive my order?

For customers based in the United States, once your order is placed, you’ll receive an email confirmation. Orders take 1-2 business days to fulfill and 2-3 business days in transit time. And please note that orders placed Friday after 2 p.m. EST and/or over the weekend won’t ship until the following Monday at the earliest. Once we've shipped your order, you'll receive an email with a tracking number.

Where do you ship?

USA and its territories, including APO, DPO and FPO and some international countries.

Do you ship internationally?

YES and we are so excited to finally be able to say that. We will have international shipping for Canada, Mexico, Australia and allllllllllll of Europe. Hello international neighbors! We are so excited to meet you.

How much is international shipping?

There will be a flat rate of $15 for all international orders and you will be responsible for duties and taxes.

I ordered internationally but haven’t received my package?

You should have received an email with a tracking number from our international shipping support team. You can contact them directly about your package and they will help you to locate your order. If there is something more on our end to resolve, they will be in touch with us!

I ordered internationally, when can I expect my order?

You should have your brand spankin’ new Repeller products in about 4 - 9 days. If it takes much longer, please reach out to our international shipping support team through the original email you received with your tracking information.

I just placed an order. Can I cancel it?

WHY? But okay. Contact customerservice@manrepeller.com about this one. (Typically, though, once an order is submitted, we're unable to cancel it so as not to disrupt the workflow process as fulfilled by our warehouse team. Thank you so much for understanding!)

I didn't receive a confirmation email. Did my order go through?

Email customerservice@manrepeller.com — someone will be happy to help you.

I didn't receive a tracking number. When should I expect my order?

You should receive a shipping confirmation email within 24 hours of your purchase. If you don't have it, it's possible that it got sent to your spam folder. (Argh.) Please email customerservice@manrepeller.com.

Why isn't my order showing up on the tracking page?

Orders that haven't yet been shipped or scanned by USPS won't show up on the tracking page. Please allow 3-5 business days for this information to appear.

Do you offer a warranty for any of your products?

No, but we absolutely want to hear from you if you have any issues with our products. Please email customerservice@manrepeller.com and let us know what's up.

Is sales tax applied to my order?

Man Repeller charges state, local and county taxes for online transactions based on shipping address and as required by applicable laws.

What happens if my order gets lost or damaged during transit?

If your order gets lost in transit, please contact customer service at customerservice@manrepeller.com. If your order is damaged during transit, click https://shop.manrepeller.com/a/returns and follow prompts. In either case, if you need assistance, please contact customerservice@manrepeller.com. (For more info, check out our Return Policy.)

Returns and Exchanges

What is your return policy?

For U.S only, we offer free returns within 30 days of order date. If you're not sold by day 30, you can return any unused items, so long as they're in the original packaging and the original tags are attached.

How do I process a return?

For U.S. only, just click here to initiate your free return or exchange.

Do you accept exchanges?

Unfortunately, our warehouse cannot process exchanges. We suggest requesting a return/refund and placing an order for the new item separately.

When can I expect my refund?

It can take our warehouse up 7 business days to receive and process your return. We'll be sure to send a refund notification email as soon as we've issued your refund, promise.

How do I return a bundle?

For all bundle requests, email customerservice@manrepeller.com with your return request.


Did we miss anything?

If you have any other questions or concerns about shipping, please reach out to customerservice@manrepeller.com. We'll get back to you as quickly as possible! For press inquiries, please email press@manrepeller.com!