Alloy and epoxy enamel, with 18K gold plating


Hoop 14mm, Body H 23mm, L 19.7mm


Packaged inside our reusable food storage container with reusable household sponge. Learn more about our packaging and its multiple uses. 

Turtle Earring

Single Hoop ’n’ Charm

seaweed green with bubble gum pink huggie hoop

Marital status: single and ready to mingle. Your lobe called and said its ready to shop around but doesn't want to commit, so heres a Single Hoop ’n’ Charm, which can be worn in your ear or clipped onto our bracelet/necklace/hair ribbon hybrid — the artist formerly known as a shoelace. It’s your call. Best paired with a bathing suit and the Dolphin Earring, and hey! Here’s a fun fact: with your help through purchasing this product, we join together with IFAW to share a message of hope and to support the work they do around the world. 

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Sold Out
Turtle Earring – Single Hoop ’n’ Charm
Turtle Earring – Single Hoop ’n’ Charm
Turtle Earring – Single Hoop ’n’ Charm